Ending the Stigma With Inspired Designs For Your Mental Health and Recovery Journey

Two good friends making it through life together…

Welcome to Mental Health Wear TN, your trusted destination for clothing and accessories that inspire, support, and promote mental wellness and addiction recovery. We are more than just an online store; we are a passionate community dedicated to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health and advocating for the well-being of individuals and mental health professionals alike.

Ashley and Gordon began their friendship out of mutual need. Gordon’s wife needed a caregiver and Ashley had just had a baby and needed flexibility in her job. Over the last 3+ years they have worked together to support and learn from each other. Ashley started her Mental Health Wear Tennessee to help inspire people in their recovery journeys and out of her desire to become an entrepreneur and self sufficient. Gordon helped by advising and teaching how to run a business online. Their love and mutual respect for each other has built a lasting friendship for these two unconventional BFF’s…

Our Mission

At Mental Health Wear TN, our mission is to create a world where mental health is as openly discussed and supported as physical health. We believe that conversations about mental wellness should be as comfortable as discussing the weather, and we aim to play our part in making that vision a reality. We are committed to designing and curating products that empower individuals to embrace their mental health journeys and help reduce the stigma associated with mental health challenges.

As part of the PsychCraft Network, Mental Health Wear TN is bridge between mental health professionals and those in their wellness journeys of sound mental health and recovery. We are here to help end the stigma around mental health and recovery issues.

Our Products

Explore our diverse collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and accessories, each featuring unique designs and empowering messages related to mental health and addiction recovery. We offer products that resonate with people at all stages of their journey, from those who are just beginning to those who are celebrating their recovery. Our clothing is not just about fashion; it’s a statement of your strength, resilience, and support for others.

In addition to our mental wellness and addiction recovery-themed items, we also cater to the needs of mental health professionals. Our selection includes customized products tailored to their unique experiences and challenges, from comfortable work attire to thoughtful accessories that speak to the vital work they do.

Why Choose Mental Health Wear TN?

Quality and Comfort: We prioritize the comfort and quality of our products, ensuring that our clothing is not only stylish but also a pleasure to wear.

Empowering Designs: Our designs are created to uplift and inspire, promoting a message of hope and resilience that you can proudly wear every day.

Supporting a Cause: With every purchase, you’re contributing to the destigmatization of mental health and addiction recovery while supporting the mental health community.

Community Engagement: Join our community and be a part of the movement to promote mental wellness. Share your stories, insights, and experiences with us on social media.

Diverse Range: We offer a wide range of sizes, styles, and themes, making it easy for you to find the perfect item that resonates with your journey.

Join the Mental Health Wear TN Community

We believe in the power of unity, and when you wear our products, you’re not just making a fashion statement; you’re joining a compassionate, understanding, and supportive community. Mental Health Wear TN is more than an online store; it’s a movement that invites you to be a part of the change you wish to see in the world.

Thank you for choosing Mental Health Wear TN to be a part of your journey toward mental wellness and recovery. Together, we can break down barriers and foster a more compassionate and understanding world for all.

About Ashley

Ashley is one of the warmest and caring people you will ever meet. She is a single mom that is working hard to support her family and make a difference in the world. Born and raised in the mountains of East Tennessee she knows well the struggles faced by the people of this unique region of the United States. Ashley is a product of its unique culture and diversity. Ashley knows first hand the journey of recovery and the road to being healthy mentally and emotionally. She is a compassionate and caring person who wants to share inspiration and help people tap into their inner strength and resilience.

About Gordon

Gordon has spent his career in helping professions. He is a native North Carolina and moved to East Tennessee early on in his career. Gordon is a licensed mental health professional and has spent his career helping some of the most vulnerable. He is the owner of Kingsport Counseling Associates, PLLC and the voice behind The Practice of Therapy Podcast and the Kindness and Compassion Podcast. He is the founder of the PsychCraft Network, a podcast network of independent podcasters that provides both self-help and business building resources to create an impact in the world and change people’s lives.

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